We reserve the right to refuse or to request a re-write of any profile/advertisement for any reason. Non-one must seek persons below the age of 18. Also this Club does not knowingly promote or advertise any details or individual profiles involving prostitution. Neither are we aware of the person registering their details as being correct and confirm that we prohibit advertising for any financial gain and that the profile and/or advertisement has been compiled by themselves and not submitted on behalf of any other person.


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All communication is via the use of your and others' email address only. However, your own email address will not be disclosed. Nevertheless having received a message from someone responding to you with that persons email address identified you then have the choice to respond or not. Should you decide to offer a home or business telephone contact number and/or address or other point of contact, then we suggest you refrain from doing so until you are comfortable and confident of the situation and accept that it is your wish and desire to progress matters thereon with whoever you have been in contact with.